Art in United Kingdom

United Kingdom Art

Ireland Art

IrelandFor a country that isn’t as big as its neighbours, Ireland is quite big with natural landscapes and very friendly locals ready to share with you their culture and lifestyle wherever you go.

Scotland Art

ScotlandThe thing with Scotland is that although it’s a small country compared to other tourist destinations, but it’s packed with lots of historical and natural gems to spot.

London Art

River Thames and Tower Bridge at Dusk, London, EnglandIt’s almost like a dream to step foot in the any of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom. Whether you go to England,

United Kingdom: Where Scenery, History, and Culture Mix

If you want to travel to a place where you can enjoy history, culture, and beautiful scenery all in one place while in the company of daft humour over tea and cake lifestyles, then you will want to visit United Kingdom, where well known destination places like London, Manchester, and Glasgow mix well with the beautiful scenery of the Snowdonia peaks and the Highland slopes.

The UK is the haven for those who easily fall in love with seaside towns, the English countryside, British television, and an order of fish and chips – just some of the things that the British consider a part of their lifestyle. This is also where you will find the classic pubs that you’ve probably heard of. Though many of them have closed due to liquor prices, they remain to be enviable places to go to for a good meal with both friends and family.

Get out of the city and visit the UK’s most famous natural spots. Go up to the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales or the hills and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire. You can also witness the beautiful rock formations of Northern Ireland called the Giant’s Causeway. Of course, don’t forget to personally witness the fabled Loch Ness of Scotland and the iconic Stonehenge of Wiltshire.

The art destination in the UK is also a handful. Bristol alone is chucking full of galleries that showcase contemporary visual art, such as The Lime Tree and View.

In Manchester, they have the Artzu Gallery showcasing the works of starting independent artists and the Bureau Gallery which hosts a diverse set of visual media art. This shows how the UK has become the home of collectives like the Young British Artists that promote the rise of individual budding artists, many of which are centred around London.

From the natural scenery to the emerging young art scene, UK could just be the places you’re yearning to visit.

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