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brazil_southBrazil is a wonderful example of a multicultural country. To many tourists and adventurers, it is the home of 17 items on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer Statue, a well known wonder of the modern world.

South America: Endless Beautiful Landscapes and More

When you think of travelling to South America, it’s likely that the first things that come to your mind are the Incan ruins, Amazonian rainforests, white sand beaches, colonial towns, and the unique night life. Indeed, South America is the destination for those who are looking for lots and lots of adventure, for it is a continent that’s rich with beautiful rainforests, sunny beaches, rock canyons, and icy glaciers.

Because of this, the opportunities for adventure are endless. You can go hiking and take on the exploration of the Inca ruins on foot, or you can take a canoe and navigate through the seemingly endless narrow waterways of the Amazon. There are also a lot of scenic views that have been around since the Mesozoic era, such as the mountains of Gran Sabana, as well as some interesting wildlife to check out in Galapagos.

But South America is more than just landscapes. Make your way through the colonial towns and you’ll experience a culture and lifestyle that fits right into the churches and plazas in the environment. This is a world that’s taken straight out of the 18th century, and not much has changed since then. There you’ll find great food and interesting indigenous markets.

South America is also one of the world’s greatest music destinations. This is where world known genres like the salsa, tang, and meringue are well known. But as you plunge into the music and explore other fields of art, you’ll find that the region also has a vibrant art scene. It’s got a strong support group for promoting visual arts, such as the artist run initiatives in Chile and Peru. There are also interesting contemporary art galleries in Bogota, such as the Warehouse Art and Baobab galleries, displaying the works of well known artists.

Begin an adventure like no other and visit South America, where everything is a sight to behold and an experience worth remembering.

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