Art in Asia

Asia Art

China Art

ChinaWhether you go into it because of their unique language, sumptuous food, oriental music, or even the martial arts, there are just so many reasons to be in love with China many times.

India Art

IndiaIndia is much sought after mystery even by the most experienced travellers, who all agree that unravelling its secrets is something that can be done in a single visit. This shouldn’t be a surprise, India being the largest democracy in the planet.

Indonesia Art

IndonesiaWith more than 17,000 islands with about 8,000 inhabited by people speaking over 300 different tongues, visiting Indonesia is going to be a game of numbers for all the wonderful sights to see and cultures to experience.

Japan Art

japanTravellers to Japan know too well that life there is quite novel and unique. Anything you do elsewhere will be a totally different experience in the country.

Philippines Art

PhilippinesJust east of Asia is a charming archipelago composed of 7,000 plus islands – the Philippines. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for its diverse culture, good food, beautiful landscapes, and happy and welcoming people.

South Korea Art

South KoreaWhile most people know the South Korean flag to symbolize the division between the Korean Peninsula, it is actually also a symbol for the balance between many extremes, all brought about by 5000 years of heritage, history, and culture.

Singapore Art

singapore3While there may have been a time when Singapore was not considered to be an exciting tourist destination that is definitely not the case anymore.

Vietnam Art

VietnamVietnam may have once been remembered as a country shaped by war, rebellion, and colonisation, but it is no longer so today. In fact, it is now one of the most sought after destinations by tourists from all walks of life.

Asia: A Continent of Many Destinations

Considering the largest, most populous continent in the world, Asia is home to an endlessly diverse group of people with different lifestyles, cultures and even economies. The continent is also studded with so many landmarks, sights, and experiences that going there is like going to different vacations in one.

Each country is so different that it can’t be said that the continent can be experienced by visiting once alone. One has to take time to look into the secrets of one place before crossing borders to explore another. And with each stop, you experience the culture and ways of living of the locals, realizing how very different they are from their neighbours even though they’ve lived in the same continent for years.

Asian cultures, however, do share very beautiful similarities. For one thing, they are known for being deeply rooted to their values, beliefs, and traditions. Asian countries also have a knack for being able to preserve their natural environment in the face of modernization. As you admire beautiful infrastructures like the PETRONAS Towers of Kuala Lumpur and the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, you will find equally breathtaking the natural beauty of the ancient temples of Bali and the beaches of the Philippines. Asia gives you the best of both worlds, and each one is worth going to.

Asia’s art scene is equally interesting. You can opt to look into the classic and most famous paintings in the history of Asia, such as The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai, or visit the annual Art Stage Singapore, featuring modern artists such as Paresh Maity, who has done 69 exhibitions throughout 35 years as of 2015. There’s also the Hong Kong Arts festival which features the leading artists in the continent and throughout the world.

That’s why every Asian country you visit will be a totally different experience. When you do visit, make it a point to savor each one.

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